Innovative products by 1500 brands from over 30 countries will be showcased for the first time

"We can only achieve our 2023 targets by making high-technology products"
Countdown began for MAKTEK Eurasia 2016, where the pioneering machinery of Industry 4.0 will appear on stage for the first time. Machines for Industry 4.0, which is set to shape the future of manufacturing in industries such as automotive, aviation, defense, home appliances, shipping and construction, will be on display from October 11 to 16. The event will bring the leading companies of the world to Tüyap and generate 1.5 billion dollars in business volume.
MAKTEK Eurasia 2016, held in association with the Machine Tools Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TİAD) and Association of  Turkish Machine Manufacturers (MİB), will be held with the theme of "Industry 4.0" to leverage the machine tools and machinery industries in order to achieve Turkey's 2023 objective of 500 billion dollars in exports.
 The event will take place from October 11 to 16, 2016 at the TÜYAP Fair and Convention Center in 14 halls and 120,000 square meters of exhibition space, attracting the leading machine tools manufacturers of the world with the motto "Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing of the Future".
Held with the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Economy, the event will be visited by over 70,000 professionals from 75 countries. The keystone of the event will be Industry 4.0, which is regarded by many including the World Economic Forum to be among the most important developments worldwide, and will display the finest selection of products that will spearhead the new Industrial Revolution. MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 is expected to generate 1.5 billion dollars' worth of business volume for Turkey, and increase machine tools exports by 14% in 2017 to a total volume of 535 million dollars.
Association of  Turkish Machine Manufacturers (MİB) Chairperson Ahmet Özkayan said that Industry 4.0 would accelerate the pace of technological evolution in the machinery industry, and that Maktek Eurasia 2016 would be a great communication and meeting platform for all stakeholders in the industry. Ahmet Özkayan said that the machinery and machine tools industries would be the strongest support behind Turkey's path to growth through production, continuing “Turkey gained vast ground over the last decade with its young population and government policies and incentives that focus on research and development. We will only be able to achieve our 2023 targets of 500 billion dollars in exports and being among the top 10 economies worldwide by making high-technology components and incorporating these components into domestically-produced machines to obtain greater value."
Özkayan said, “As MİB and TİAD, we put in great efforts for Industry 4.0 in MAKTEK Eurasia 2016, which is set to shape the future of manufacturing in industries such as automotive, aviation, defense, home appliances, shipping and construction. Industry 4.0 will bring great benefits to production and post-sales services and is relevant not just to production and new products, but also to new systems and business processes. MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 will showcase the latest developments, technologies and trends in production, workforce management and utility requirements that will enable Turkey to leap into the league of developed nations over the next decade. Manufacturers, customers and components industries alike will determine their roadmaps based on the information gained here."
Özkayan explained that Industry 4.0 would be the main theme of the largest gathering of the industry in Eurasia, where the leading experts in the field would share their insight into the advantages Industry 4.0 will have for Turkey, and the productivity, efficiency and turnover increase for companies, saying that the technological systems, workforce qualifications, incentive and training issues required for the new Industrial Revolution would benefit from the technologies presented in Maktek Eurasia 2016. Arguing that Industry 4.0 would enable much shorter manufacturing times even for products thought to be overly complex, offer products of higher quality to consumers and vastly improve pace and quality in post-sales services, Özkayan continued:
"We will discuss the strategies and action steps for the forthcoming evolution of technology in the TÜYAP Fair and Convention Center over the six-day event. A workforce that will specialize in newly-emerging areas will be the driving force behind Industry 4.0 and trigger growth across our industries. By making accurate assessments of the technical fields that are available today and will be in the future, and investing in more training in these fields, we will improve the quality of our workforce. Government incentives will enable us to become a leading player in global trade."
MAKTEK Eurasia 2016 will be held with the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Economy and over 30 diplomatic missions.  More than 80 Turkish manufacturers, 54 of which are MİB members, as well as exhibitors from over 30 countries including Germany, Spain, China, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Japan, Italy, UK and other leading manufacturers, will launch new products by over 1500 brands. MAKTEK Eurasia is a biannual fair that covers CNC and Universal Machining Equipment, Sheet Metal Processing Machinery, Cutter and Holder Tools, CAD / CAM / CAE Technologies, Measuring Equipment, Quality Control Devices and Equipment, Weld Cutting Tools, Welding Machines and Spare Parts, Heat Treatment Equipment, Carrying Systems and Lubrication and Cooling Systems, addressing every need in the machinery industry and showcasing the latest trends and technologies to everyone involved.
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