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Virtual Reality in the Manufacturing Industry

Why is a virtual reality themed event program organized in Maktek Eurasia?

With the use of «Virtual Reality» in industrial production, manufacturing industry professionals can benefit from wearable technology.  Users can experience another world through VR technologies.

What are the advantages of using VR technologies?

•Additions or deletions can be made on the ongoing R&D studies and product output performance can be measured.
•High standards for efficiency and human health can be achieved at every stage of production with the industrial virtual reality technologies.
• Employees can receive job training with VR technologies. Virtual reality applications can be used in technical training processes, especially in order to eliminate the risk of any work accident that may occur during assembly and disassembly orientations. Virtual reality applications offer employees an unlimited space by accurately simulating factory operations. Thus, minimum costs and errors in learning development can be measured. Especially when a factory is being built, training can begin before the physical installation of the factory.
•Scanning the factory environment and arranging it with new virtual production lines and hardware, virtual reality in production is an innovation that is expected to enter the life of the industry in the future.
• Using Virtual Reality in production, technicians can easily access the molds, presses, machinery, industrial equipment, tools and sets they need.
• Virtual reality applications in manufacturing are expected to be used widely in the near future for almost all global industrial manufacturers.
As these revolutions in the industry continue, virtual reality applications will become an indispensable part of the daily lives of industrial workers to meet the needs.